уторак, 23. април 2013.

Finally (FnF) JB v6.4.2.2. ROM with working modem for Samsung Wave 1 and 2 (All is working correct)

This is 4.2.2 Jelly Bean .V.6.(UPDATED)

What mean Nand Rom :
Erase Bada completely
Patch Day :
Wave S8500
Sd & Nand Kernel :
Dont forget disable GPS because its turn all time too searching GPS chipset and crash.
Don’t use program tweak like sd speed or other !!!!
Don’t enable “Force GPU” !!!
Dont activated swap zram on menu its all ready on kernel, i erase it in next review !!!
Disable Dither to better performance

What’s New JB 4.2.2 Update V5 :
Kernel Fix :
- Headphone
- TvOut
- less mem kernel > more memory Android
- less voltage = better battery life > less hot
- extreme low voltage for better battery life
Extrem low Voltage Patch
- Smartassv2
Kernel V5 :http://www.multiupload.nl/VTQWRGZU0W
Problem with headphone next can be fixed
Rom Fix :
- big game installation corrected
- better modem sim detect
- ultra slim gapps separatly 14mo
- Search corrected
- new feature
- alerte gsm message
- Videofix
- Sdcard Window mounted
- Wifi for some
- CM Dev nice patch make Android smoother
- FM Radio need FM Spirit apps
For Dev & Performance Menu Tap build number 7 times to unlock it !!!
Install Rom First then Gapps on same time !!!
Ultra Rom Fix 4.2.2 V5 : http://www.multiupload.nl/4O982MSQSF
Ultra Gapps Fix 4.2.2 : http://www.multiupload.nl/HDOSXJZOAL
Rebellos FOTA modified by ihavenick SD : http://www.multiupload.nl/DU8SR1BCGT
Important thing :
- With this rom its erased completely Bada
- For the moment i dont add charger need to be adapt for Wave but you can charge it on Android
- Power off bug but maybe it can be arrenged…
- POWER = Android
- POWER + Menu = Recovery Mode
- POWER + Call = Download Mode (For Bada Flash Blue Square)
If you came from Android SD and you want retrieve your complete SD then backup it before and use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to make it complete
Before all thing push Kernel on SD then flash FOTA SD
1 : Boot on recovery mode go to advanced menu > partition sdcard and choose any number then choose 0 for swap (first release)
2 : On first menu go to mount and storage mount usb storage push Rom&Gapps on SD dont forget umount your SD on desktop before hit home key too umount on recovery mode
4 : back to first menu choose intsall rom then install it
5 : back to first menu choose install rom then install gapps
Enjoy V6 !!!

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